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Founded by Issac Miller in 2017, NY Gadget Store was created to take high online shopping to a new dimension, providing the very best in unique gifts and gadgets, and putting the fun back into giving. With the customer at the center of everything we do, we find unique products that you really want but maybe never knew existed! We have stores across the country.

The NY Gadget Store is a company specializing in the retail and wholesale of the latest, never-seen-before, electronic, intelligent, highly-advanced technological gadgets, equipment and super-toys. Living in the technology age, The GADGET Shop’s main aim is to deliver products and services that appeals to all gadget lovers and technology driven enthusiasts.

We offer an extensive, carefully selected choice of gadgets & innovations, technical, safety & security, boys toys, computer accessories, gifts and corporate & promotional products that will satisfy the need of any gadget-hungry guru!

We constantly strive to bring you, our valued customer, the best, and most unique, quality assured products the world has on offer. We have a specialized team of buyers and between them they source the most extraordinary and inspirational gifts and gizmos before anyone else can lay their hands on them.

Founded on amazing inspiration, fed on passion and grown with determination, The NY Gadget Store is destined to take its place among the retail giants…

Of course as  website is loaded with gadget wizardry, and just like in our shops you’ll receive exceptional customer service and rapid delivery.

"There's a lot to be said about working in an industry when you get to play with stuff just as it’s been invented, and every year the gadgets get cooler and cleverer on the back of evolving technology. Flying stuff around the warehouse recording and transmitting video and being able to maintain control whilst the flying machine is out of sight, as you see what it sees on your I phone, is a thing of wonder. It's not life saving but it is fun, and fun is what its all about. There can be few jobs more rewarding than seeing the new technology emerge for the first time during trade visits to suppliers around the world, and then seeing your customers get the same thrill as they see it for themselves." 
                                                                           NY Gadget Store Team

NY Gadget Store also working to improve customers' life satisfaction by
developing a wide range of service that satisfies the customers
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